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Publisher Playrix Games
Platforms Android 4.0.3+
Price $0.29- $99.72
Size 82.19 MB
Latest Version 2.20.10

Go A fishing

The rudiments of a well-defined game are facing challenges as well as seeing it through. Fishdom teaches speed, gives you fun and makes your free time worthwhile. Download fishdom mod apk and you are a step closer towards making your free time engaging with this intriguing game. This Game-play is stretched out as a 3-tier distinctive puzzle. Every tier is designed as an aquarium filled with different species of fishes. Each species show off their uniqueness with their comic character peculiar. However, you have the chance of building or modeling aquarium to taste.

Basically, as you piece together the bits and pieces of your puzzle, your little creation comes to life. How colorful and liveable your aquarium looks is totally up to you. Also, your adventure is not complete without feeding, tending and diving in. With different species, it is educative, eye-opening and colorful.


Imagine having each fish with their unique personality, and you get to know them all. Cool right? Way cooler when you Download fishdom mod apk on your Android/iOS devices.


Block Jewel

With over 10 million downloads and installation worldwide to its credit since inception, fishdom gives you every sense of fulfillment for each milestone achieved. To relieve each triumphal moment, you should not miss a level. Furthermore, points are recorded, and you get a trophy for winning. Each win matches the personality of your priceless collection.


  • Humorous conversation while exploring the Aquatic World.
  • Moreover, you do not need any internet connection to play.
  • Even though it’s 3-tier game, there are numerous challenging levels (a few hundreds of them).
  • It’s quite easy to play. You can changeover and switch puzzle pieces. Also, you can collect similar pieces and swap them in numbers for a bonus boost.
  • Interact with fishes and keep your aquarium tidy.
  • Perk up your underworld life with different decors as you level up your tanks.
  • This game comes with an amazing and thrilling aquarium graphics. You will also get a scuba mask to make it more lively.
  • Of course, you get to compete and provide a faster and even more comfortable way to decorate your aquarium.
  • All for one, one for all. The game developer designed fishdom to foster the spirit of friendship and love. You get to share with your friends on facebook and compare high scores.
  • Vouchers are available. With this newest addition, you could purchase any fish variety in-game. The more you play, the more voucher you get.
  • One of the highest grossing puzzle games globally. And, we’re just getting started.

Power-ups for me are unique and flash like lightning. The bluish links make me love the sea the more. All, however, earn more points and allows for a fascinating experience. Ready for a trial? Download fishdom mod apk on your mobile device now and get ready for real action. Above all, Be ready to kiss boredom goodbye.

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