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Publisher FoxNext Games
Platforms Android 4.4+
Price $0.97- $152.5
Size 92.65 MB
Latest Version 1.3.0

To bring together the most brilliant and dedicating squad in the World’s history is something beyond epic. Superheroes and super villains? That is the revolution. Revolution is what the World needs at the moment. Continual assaults by strange forces will not go away until someone or a group of people acts. Earth must return to the haven it used to be.

However, in this game, your villains and Heroes must work together to restore the balance. Earth is under attack, and it’s a fight to finish. Also, with electrifying combinations of Loki, Groot, Captain America, Elektra, Dr. Strange and the rest, it’s so game on.

Above all, you enter into combat mode by assembling the ultimate squad, the best ever seen.  Every member of the squad has a peculiar strength and power. You must harness their strengths and work on the weaknesses because in unity lies strength.


Block Jewel

Revolution by evolution

Before we delve into this scoop, remember to share in this experience when you Download MARVEL Strike Force mod apk and play. Now, the squad is all set; everyone is on the same page. Ready for action. 

There’s an outfit upgrade for everyone, and it’s not just evolution. It’s power than ever before. Your favorite squad is as stunning as you’ve never seen. They are as real as you are. The game takes on a dynamic twist as your squad links up with the simplest tap.  Yes, way! They’re made for it.  That singular touch is a chain of connection between everyone. No one is left out.  Like so, a different form of cinematics is unveiled. Sleek and addicting.

With over 5 million installs globally, Marvel Strike Force enjoys increasing download rate daily. A massive range of positive reviews from players cutting across the globe adds color to the fun.

Role-playing makes it more fun to play.  Marvel universe has indeed designed this awesome game to bring many imaginations to life. The game has the cleanest graphics, gameplay and great execution.

Squad Domination

To dominate is to make a lasting impression, therefore who you team up with who goes a long way. This is the drill – tactically pair up squad members to take out the enemy. Loki and Dr. Strange, for example, will make a better pair.  They understand Earthly dimensions. Combat experts should be matched together to deliver maximum conquer.

In addition, If you Download MARVEL strike force MOD APK for Android/iOS, check through MarvelStrikeForce privacy policy and terms of service for more information.


  • The description is such that you understand each character explicitly.
  • Enjoy new mode for each member of the squad.
  • Upgrade orientation
  • New levels, new challenge

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