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Publisher Voodoo Games
Platforms Android 4.1 and up
Price Free
Size 55 MB
Latest Version 1.3.7

download Splashy and explore addictive levelsThere is one thing you should know about Voodoo games. Their games are generally simple by nature but surprisingly addictive and fun. Games like Helix Jump and Flappy Dunk are both perfect example of their witty games. Interestingly, Splashy is not different at all. The game is characterized by its overall simplicity yet the game offers a frustratingly addictive gameplay. If you download Splashy, you’ll notice great similarities with some of the Voodoo’s popular mobile games.

The main objective in this game is simple; get the highest score as possible by reaching the farthest distance. The ball must bounce from one platform to another while preventing itself from falling, otherwise the game is over. If you think you can master this game effectively, feel free to download Splashy and see what else this game has to offer.

download SplashyThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game is generally simple and the rules are pretty much straightforward. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to the game field. The game takes you to an infinite upscrolling screen with a series of small platforms. The goal is to move the ball from one platform to another without falling. Interestingly, the ball is moving automatically and the only thing you can manipulate is the ability to move either on left or right of the screen.


Block Jewel

In order to move the ball, simply swipe the screen to whatever direction you want the ball to go. This however, should be done carefully and also in timely manner. The faster you swipe, the bigger the bounce you get which might put your ball in danger. Some platforms are closely near to each other which only require small movements. The rate of difficulty is also gradually increasing. The platforms will become smaller and the speed is dramatically increasing too.

download SplashyUnlockable Features

Other elements that you will enjoy when you download Splashy are the overwhelming items you can unlock. Every run, the player can collect diamonds which you can find on random platforms. You can use the diamonds to unlock new skins or new platforms. Some skins and platforms can be unlocked by reaching certain levels or by completing some achievements.

There are overwhelming skins and platforms to unlock. Interestingly, the skins are often inspired from various pop culture references. Some are from Star Wars while others are from Pokemon, Kirby and Pacman. Platforms, on the other hand, can be changed to various shapes. Currently, there are 30 Skins and 12 Platforms to unlock.

download SplashyRace Mode and Challenges

Splashy also offers a multiplayer campaign through Race Mode. You can switch from Endless to Race Mode anytime you want. In Race Mode, you are playing against other players and the goal is to outrun them both. You have to reach the finish line before anyone else does to win the race. The more races you complete, the more players you have to defeat. The number of players for each race is exponentially increasing which makes the game more challenging.

Another interesting campaign in the game is the Challenge. There are three types of Challenges in this game; Normal, Invert and Ortho. Normal Challenge will ask you to surpass certain amount of platforms in order to earn Diamond rewards while Invert follows the same objective but in an opposite direction. Ortho, on the other hand, has similar goal but in an orthographic perspective. Completing Challenge is actually the quickest way to earn diamonds.

download SplashyChanging Environment, Ranking Up and Daily Bonuses

For a simple game like Splashy, the downside is overly repetitive gameplay. If you download Splashy however, you have the option to upgrade the stage which provides you a dynamic atmosphere. Using diamonds, you can purchase upgrades that will dramatically add new details on the background. The Level Up system also provides the game an incredible replay value and longevity. Every time you gain a new level, the game prompts you to spin a wheel and earn prizes in form of diamonds (another effective way to earn such).  Same thing goes with daily bonuses!


Splashy is generally simple and fun but compare to other Voodoo games, this one offers great dynamics! It has a tremendous replay value and the gameplay in general is absolutely addictive. The ads are moderately appearing but you can skip them by turning off the Internet connection. This game works perfectly even without connection. Absolutely worth playing indeed!

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