Download Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion – For Android/iOS

Platforms Android 4.1 and up
Price Free
Size 54 MB
Latest Version 2.0

For those who are looking for a simple and light fighting game for your mobile, you might want to include Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion on your list. It is a simple and straightforward fighting game that takes you to a series of tricky and challenging combats. The main objective, as what the title of the game suggests, is to take a role of a kung fu fighter and defeat an overwhelming number of enemies he will encounter along the way. If you are into such game genre, feel free to explore Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion and see how far your kung fu skills can take you.

Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight ChampionThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion are very simple and easily manageable. Unlike most fighting games that requires those complex fighting skills by successfully combining keys, this game goes the simple way. The main goal is nothing more but to win the battle. It is going to be a one on one match and you must win two rounds in order to clear the level. Each fighter comes with a health meter and once you inflict enough damage, you can knockdown enemies and score a point.

Everything in this game are tap-based. Generally, there are five basic actions to perform. There are two set of punches, two kicks and one grab. You can also move around the 2D battle arena by moving the virtual joypad located on the lower left corner. The action doesn’t require any mana points any similar consumable energy. This is a kung fu battle so do not expect to see any magic or special tricks. The game will ask you to complete 20 battles to finish the main campaign.

Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight ChampionChoose Your Fighter

Contrary to what is being promoted online, Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion only has limited number of characters to choose from. Interestingly, they do not have names but there’s a great diversity when it comes to character designs. It somehow reminds you of some Mortal Kombat elements. Generally, there are six playable characters but not all of them are instantly available. You start with the Player 1, a guy in red suit and the rest can be unlocked using the virtual money you earn from each battle.


Block Jewel

There are three male characters and three female characters in this game. Although they do not vary in terms of their skills because you will end up with the same basic fighting actions in the entire course of the battle. What makes them distinctive to each other are the basic attributes such as Damage Rate, Strength and Flexibility. Unfortunately, these are not upgradable so if you want to maximize your chance of winning this game, better unlock the strongest character.

Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight ChampionIt Could Have Been a Good Game

The concept of Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion is decent. It is a well-polished fighting game with small and seemingly unnoticable glitches here and then. Generally, it is a great game except for the fact that the developers decided to fill the game with ads and place them all over the screen. Advertisements were everywhere and it’s definitely a major downside of this game. Aside from the two small panels of ads on top and at the lower right (which by the way, covers some of the buttons), there is also a huge ads covering almost a quarter part of the screen.

This ad covers a lot of important elements in the game and there is seemingly no option to hide it. Another downside is the limited number of characters available. There are 20 levels to complete and you will end up fighting the same set of characters in the entire process. The developers can turn this game even more engaging if they lessen the ads and improve the game by adding more characters. Special skills could be a great addition as well just to give each character a unique identity.

Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight ChampionThe Verdict

Real Superhero Kung Fu Fight Champion is a decent fighting game only if the developers decided to lessen the ads and make some improvements. It could have been more engaging to see a variety of new characters on the field but if you are looking for a simple game that doesn’t require Internet connection and doesn’t consume much of your phone storage, this game is a perfect fit. Currently , the game is only available for Android devices and you can download this game for free. Good luck!

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