Download Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD APK for Android


Publisher FoxForce Games
Platforms Android 4.2+
Price $1 – $13.34
Size 57.18 MB
Latest Version 1.4.6

The game

High-speed shooter games suddenly seem to be all over the place. Armored squad Mechs vs Robots, on the other hand, combines shooting, fighting, swinging robots and real-time 3D graphics in lively Minecraft style. These few reflects its uniqueness from the regular. For more lively moment, download Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD APK to enjoy a break from the norm.   Battle mechanisms for Armored squad: Mechs vs Robots follow straightforward but dynamic craft.

You take the form of a robot with two legs and an all-round gun body. Also, your appearance at the same time is tiny, harmless and sweet.


Block Jewel

As the game commences, your environment changes swiftly into a tech-controlled zone. This zone is very much in charge of the game’s operation mechanism. There, you get familiar. Operations mechanism include controls – the left-sided control depicts robot control.

PVP Battles

Download Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD APK to compete with various players around the World. The real-time online system makes involvement through and through in the face of fierce battle. It’s almost always harsh. Naturally then, it has a multi-player feature. There are two teams saddled with the responsibility of “kill or be killed”. To conquer in this case, you must be precise with your fighting strides, all aimed at the center of the screen for total victory.

This sounds so exciting. You can imagine how you will feel being a victor when you defeat your opponents. Furthermore, you get to practice various skills and death is never final. After death, you have 3 seconds to come back to life and continue your game. This gameplay has its specific duration for matches, and once the time is over, that’s the end of the game. However, the team with most wins emerge as the winner


  • This game has about 60 levels of gameplay with engaging tasks. Thus, all tasks have three sub-divisions. Armored squad: Techs vs Robots boasts of multiple game modes; bomb delivery, deathmatch, control points, capture the flag (CTF), hail then king, football, and team deathmatch conversely.
  • The weapon system is full coupled with diversity. Hence, battle with Rocket Launchers, machine guns, swords and laser guns. Your robot makes use of multiple weapons concurrently.
  • Download Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD APK and you’d enjoy a customization friendly game.
  • Your robot easily assembles its equipment from ruins to create an entirely different robot. The assembled equipment displays a unique ploy, some of which are force filed, shield/boosters, jump jets, and flight, etc.
  • Game graphics are enjoyable and humorous. I never get bored as my game progresses both online and offline.
  • Help your allies, fix their security systems with patrol guns and ammunition.
  • New ranks for single player and multiplayer combats.

Download Armored Squad: Mechs vs Robots MOD APK to enjoy quality moments with your friends. In addition, it has an online/offline adaptation suitable for time maximization. Hence, get ready for an exciting experience.

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