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Publisher Auer Media and Entertainment
Platforms Android 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
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Size 87 MB
Latest Version 1.9.37

download Dawn Break The Flaming EmperorEmbark yourself in another magical journey with Dawn Break : The Flaming Emperor! If you are looking for a great RPG that balances both story and action, Dawn Break : The Flaming Emperor is a perfect fit! It follows a story of three main heroes as they try to unravel their destiny and unleash the mystery of their forgotten past. Join Haley, Anis and Luke as they overcome a series of obstacles along the way and defeat the dark forces before they cause catastrophe. If you enjoy role playing game, you might want to download Dawn Break The Flaming Emperor and see what else it has to offer.

With a very compelling plot which is perfectly matched with amazing graphics, it is impossible not to enjoy this game. It is the kind of RPG that will certainly meet all your expectations. Dawn Break : The Flaming Emperor will not just focus on the story alone. The game takes you to different campaigns that are equally enthralling including some Multiplayer modes and PvP battles.

download Dawn Break The Flaming EmperorThe Gameplay

If you are the type of gamer who loves to dwell deep on stories, you can confidently download Dawn Break The Flaming Emperor. The game welcomes you with a cinematic introduction that features the epic battle between Haley and the Dark Dragon. Unfortunately, the battle was unsuccessful for Haley which caused her to lose all her memory. On the other side of the world, Anis who also lost his memory and Luke both witnessed the strange phenomenon.  They will soon accompany Haley in her journey as they try to solve the mystery.

The mechanics are very simple and unlike typical RPG, this game requires less interaction. When engaging on a battle sequence, characters perform all actions automatically if the Auto mode is one. If not, you can manually move the character using the virtual joystick. You can use your skills by tapping their respective buttons.


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download Dawn Break The Flaming EmperorChoose Your Hero

Another interesting element you’ll enjoy if you download Dawn Break The Flaming Emperor is the ability to select your hero. Interestingly, the game will not just focus on a single character and in fact, you can unlock over 20 playable characters in this game. You have the ability to select a hero that you want to summon in the battle. To top it all, you can change the hero prior to every challenge. Aside from the main protagonists like Haley, Anis and Luke, you can eventually unlock other characters. They will accompany you in your journey and you can switch from one character to another anytime you want.

Interestingly, you can upgrade each character by training them and making them more efficient in the battle. Each hero has their own element which you can use as your advantage in every battle. If the enemies’ weakness is your element, you can switch one character to another during the mission. Players can also take advantage of the fairy companions. Fairies will assist you during the battle and are capable of increasing your attributes within a certain period of time. You can upgrade fairies to make them more efficient.

download Dawn Break The Flaming EmperorExplore Multplayer Campaigns

Dawn Break may not be as grand like those MMORPG but the game still highlights some of its multiplayer components. Basically, it is not the type of RPG where you can encounter real time online players during your journey. Instead, you can interact with online players through various campaigns. The Challenge campaign takes you to five different multiplayer modes. It includes the Arena where you fight against another player and Co-op Battle where you fight along another player against another team.

Another campaign that might surprise you when you download Dawn Break The Flaming Emperor is the Battle Royale mode. It is basically a survival to the fittest challenge which gives you another reason why you should explore this game. Other modes include World Boss and Space Crack. There’s also a Trial Campaign which is not multiplayer but a progressive challenge that will put your skills on a test.

download Dawn Break The Flaming EmperorOther Features

Dawn Break : The Flaming Emperor has so many features to offer that you can freely explore. There’s the ability to summon new heroes and the ability to upgrade their individual skills. You can also interact with other online players by joining a Guild or better yet create your own. There’s also a Quest System which allows you to earn rewards and various special events you can take part of.

Of course, aside from the impressive gameplay, you can commend this game for its superior graphics. It features both 2D and 3D animation and the game managed to excel on both parts. It comes up with a catchy music too that can set the mood right!


As an avid RPG player, I cannot really say anything bad in this game. It is impressive in so many aspects and it is not a bold claim at all. The graphics are seamless, the story is well crafted and the gameplay is remarkably addictive. Considering the fact that you can switch heroes from one level to another, it gives you an entirely different approach in every battle. Overall, if you enjoy RPG, you can download Dawn Break The Flaming Emperor and have an ultimate RPG experience!

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