Download Bike Racing 3D MOD APK for Android/iOS


Publisher Words Mobile
Platforms Android 2.1+
Price $1.1 – $54.97
Size 14 MB
Latest Version 2.2

Many people have been looking forward to seeing that moment where they can perform different magical stunts with racing bike. Riding bike in real life may seem difficult for you due to the technicality and psychology involved. However, I put it to you that you will acquire more skills and knowledge when you download bike racing 3d mod apk and play to improve.

Hence, it will enhance and improve your real life riding practical skills.

Furthermore, the manufacturer, Words Mobile, recorded more than 50 million installs globally since they launch this game. Don’t be too surprised yet because there are many real-life experience and features to see when you play this game.


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One of the things that got me to glue to this game is the impressive and thrilling graphics. I change bike and helmet on each race. Moreover, I have special interest for colors, so, I choose beautiful color combo when selecting helmet and bike to use. You can imagine how you will feel picking kits of your choice for your player. Furthermore, you can perform flips and stunts during the race and be that professional and skillful bike racers people always want to see.


Most of the bike racing games I have played in the past seems too easy for me, unlike this Bike racing 3d. Winning the easiest level is like winning the world most prestigious trophy. Most importantly, the more you overcome each level, the more difficult task you meet in the next stage. Apart from the challenging part which may be too tasking, you will have lively moments playing this game. To get the most out of this game, you will have to step up your game by adding more powerful bikes and stages.



Do you need to engage yourself with exciting activities? Biking racing 3d is the perfect game to get on your mobile device and play to keep you busy. As a player, your motive will be to win every race. Therefore, you will focus your attention and see every possible way to utilize your skills in accomplishing every race before the time elapses.

Nothing hurts a player most than after overpowering all race hurdles and still couldn’t finish the race because of time. It happens to me too, but I always have a happy ending on my subsequent attempts which, however, consume my time. This game is engaging, and I have no doubt you will get addicted to it.


The first thing that made me download bike racing 3d mod apk is because of my addicted gaming friend. He talks about this game every time and more importantly, how it improved his reasoning skills. Even to the point that he gave it a unique name.

During leisure, he stepped out of office by saying Hey mate! I am going to IQB, which means Intelligence Quotient Boaster. I couldn’t wait any longer to experience it myself. Believe me, my reasoning, calculative, management and mathematical skills improved very fast.

This is more than just a game, and you can’t afford to let go without being part of the experience. It improves one’s focus, concentration, aids in time management and enhances you strategically when making plans. I know you will look for me after your first experience to SAY THANK YOU.

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