Download Robbery Bob: Man of Steel 3D mod apk for Android/iOS

Publisher Level Eight AB
Platforms Android 4.1+
Price $0.79- $8.44
Size 44 MB
Latest Version 1.18.1

Bob’s story

Before you download Robbery Bob: Man of steel 3D mod apk, I would like to walk you through some of the exciting things to expect. Sometimes, all you need is to spot on a thief who wants a chance at redemption. However, Bob’s story provides such a rich blend of two extreme ends – good and not so good. As a player, you naturally assume the role of Bob.

Who is Bob? Bob is a burglar with desperate plans of turning a new leaf. Intentions are everything, but executing such intentions is often harder than it seems.

So, for him to have a shot on his new lease of life, Bob must step once more into a few dark corners. He must carry out some final assignments.


Block Jewel

Like James Bond, there are a few doors to unlock. A cover to take on. Security guards to slip by and watchdogs to pacify.

Hence, this is the scoop; you need not have special skill set to do any of this. Hence, your super sneaky instincts and ability to stay undetectable comes in handy. Pretty easy if you ask me. Above all, each level sees you sneaking past sleeping dogs, watchful eyes, loots recovery and super-spy moves.

Get down to it

With martial arts skills (ninja Bob), you can take on just about any challenge. Personally, I love the freedom that comes with the job.

You get to surf different parts of the city; downtown, warehouses, secret locations and even the “ugliest” parts of town (if you know what I mean, winks).

Hideouts and all dogs that should be kept laying at the tip of your fingers!



Bob gets to grab a few. Secret documents, codes, safe combinations and lots more. Above the thrill, he stays safe in the shadows; dark lurks in the shadows after all. His comic character is my favorite. Oh, and the rather dashing costume.

Most noteworthy is that every mission is with a new trick up his sleeve. However, Bob gets as daring as making friends on some jobs; really dangerous friends.

With over 10 million mobile downloads, robbery Bob also has a spectacular control. Brilliant coordination from level to level makes it inviting to play with a friend. Likewise, my friend and I do this all the time, the more – the merrier. So, it’s now to Download Robbery Bob: Man of steel 3D mod apk, invite your friends and have good time together.

How far are you exactly willing to go? The price of redemption is never too high. Also, the suspense of what happens next will make your run worth the while.

No predictability, only the most exotic graphics ever seen. It makes you the hero, the one who saved the day. Also, I found it tantalizing and thrilling until the last level. An exquisite storyline with humorous animations.

Oh, let’s spare you the rest. Download Robbery Bob: Man of steel 3D mod apk using the URL below. Consequently, Don’t forget to get your friends involved. Stay on.

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