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Publisher AGaming+
Platforms Android 4.1 and up
Price $0.99
Size 1.3 GB
Latest Version 1.3.0

download The Sun OriginThe Sun: Origin takes you to a post-apocalyptic adventure where humans are nearly facing extinction. If you are looking for an impressive Sci-Fi game experience, The Sun: Origin may be a perfect fit. This first person action game treats you with remarkable and realistic graphics. The game takes you to an eerie atmosphere where you navigate abandoned areas. In this game, the humans are nearly extinct and survivors are trying to find their ways to survive. You will be sent on a mission to exterminate various mutated monsters roaming around the city. If you think you are skillful enough to survive, download The Sun Origin and see how far you can survive.

The game will take place in the year 2050, several years after a global catastrophic event. In year 2003, an unusual phenomenon occurred where a solar flare from the sun emits billions of hydrogen bombs. It is one of the most devastating solar flares that wipe out humanity. The radioactive particles were launched to the planet which causes strange mutation. It results to some alien-like creatures which makes survival even more challenging. If you download The Sun Origin, you will play the role of Raven who is sent into a mission to look for more supplies for his dying community.

download The Sun OriginThe Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are very simple yet tricky and challenging. The perspective is very similar with popular FPS games. You move around the area through the virtual joystick. There are also tap-based buttons you can interact to perform various actions. Good thing, the commander sent you out with enough weapons and med kits for your risky mission. You will also have companions who can help you along the way. However, most of the time, you will set on a mission alone.

There are many challenging factors in this game. First are the roaming monsters. These monsters are extremely hostile. You can shoot them from afar but they will run in great speed towards you when provoked. Second are the Marauders, another group of humans who will kill everyone who stand along their way. Third is the location itself. Most of the places are covered with dangerous chemicals which can harm your character. You can always use the map to check which areas are affected and which are passable.


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download The Sun OriginEerie Adventure

One thing you will notice when you download The Sun Origin is the notable eeriness of the atmosphere. The quietness and the enigmatic surrounding will add some sort of scare factor in this game. Just think of Silent Hill or Resident Evil 4. Although it is not as polished as those iconic console games, The Sun: Origin gives you a thrilling experience. The music sets the mood right making this an epic eerie adventure. You may not face those flesh eating zombies but you will encounter vicious monsters which are even more terrifying.

In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to complete one mission after another. It is also noteworthy that Missions will vary in terms of their objectives. Some missions will ask you to navigate and inspect the area, search for missing item or infiltrate some territories. Navigation is a big challenge in this game. The GPS map will reveal your target area and the location of the people to interact with. It also reveals the location of nearby marauders. Unfortunately, you cannot track the monsters so you can never tell when and where you encounter them. They might be hiding behind the fog or lurking somewhere dark.

download The Sun OriginBeware of Affected Areas and Scout for Items

One thing you should know when you download The Sun Origin is the fact that you cannot freely explore all areas. Most areas are filled with radioactive chemicals which will put your character in great harm. Take note that you can only stop the infection through specific med kit, the anti-radiation kit. Therefore, if you got infected, you cannot simply heal the character using a basic med kit. To prevent areas with high radiation, you must check on the navigational map. The areas in green are those that can infect you and you must avoid passing through them at all cost.

You will also encounter hunger and thirst in this game so you better scout for items to ease the situation. Scouting is very essential in this game as your resources are very limited. You can search through different areas and houses to find for useful tools. Be mindful too that some tasks will require you to unarm your weapon. Interacting with your allies for instance should be done carefully. If you shoot them unintentionally you can either kill them or they will fire back. This will result to a mission failure.


With such great graphics and well-polished gameplay, I don’t see any reason why you should not download The Sun Origin. Generally, it is not a perfect game. You may encounter some glitches and bugs here and there but certainly has huge potential. You can download The Sun Origin for $0.30. A game with such impressive graphics and gameplay, the price is not really bad at all. Definitely worth exploring!

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