Download Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D MOD APK for Android/iOS

Publisher i6 Games
Platforms Android 2.3+
Price Free
Size 21 MB
Latest Version 1.32


Each time you board a plane, don’t you wish it were you piloting? I so much more wish. My hopes and dreams have partly fulfilled the moment I download flight simulator: 3D mod apk for Android. It’s like being in control of your space at your own pace.

First things first, fasten your seatbelts and put the headphones on. When in the air, pressure changes swiftly and it’s fixed with the headpiece. Above all, you know when the pressure is not stable, the ears are damaged or affected adversely. You own the aircraft; the engine roars alive at your bid. Such power. There is no one who doesn’t like to be in control.


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Take off from the hanger is usually smooth and beautiful. The air readily agrees and accommodates the gradual climb. Wings are aptly designed to allow you to glide through at high speed, but the wings allow the upward movement.

Your commercial jet has a wide range of switches and features. You will use the landing gear, radio, and radar, fuel tank, etc. each serving its unique purpose. Your sole duty when you download flight simulator: 3D mod apk is to steer towards any direction of choice. Most importantly, you need to follow all rules strictly, remember you don’t want to crash. As a good pilot, you endeavor to check your aircraft before take-off.

You don’t want to be half-way through the journey to discover a punctured airbag or leaking fuel. Most noteworthy, this game simply puts you on to be a better pilot and safeguard at once.


You as well have the benefit of exploring from a different point of view. Everything is different from up there. It’s amazing and beyond. I enjoy the open and free flight mode with surprises and more points.

The controls are addicting but easy to work with. 3D projections from different perspectives are matchless. By maintaining even speed, you get to your destination on time; that’s more points and more pilot stripes. You make all decisions. Wow, so exciting and intriguing.

The runway is a threshold of goodness. Spacious enough and accommodating. However, your landing space is marked. To complete each level, you must land the plane within your marked zone. Slowly let the craft down and prepare adequately for landing. While aiming to land safely, you must consider other air crafts and vehicles in the drive way.

Furthermore, the 3D flight simulator allows you to fly against time and catch a view of the environment. You get to enjoy your play at any time, anywhere. Even on a real plane.

I like to play at every leisure time, and even on the toilet seat. It is so insightful and eye-opening. How patient do you think you really are? Download flight simulator: 3D mod apk for Android in the link below:

Download Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D APK for Android/iOS

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