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PAC-MAN is one of the most iconic characters and the titular character in one of the most popular games in the industry. It’s been years since its release and it is still one of the most recognizable games in the world. The game has become a pop culture icon. But this throwback game is not just for previous generations anymore; it is now made available for mobile gaming. Whether it’s for nostalgia’s sake or to enjoy a classic game that you didn’t have access to, the PAC-MAN game is an enjoyable and fun game that you can now play on your mobile device.


PAC-MAN Gameplay

In the game, you play as the iconic character Pac-man. You are constantly moving through a maze and you eat the dots you pass to gain points. You are also avoiding the Ghost Gang. If one of the gang touches you, you lose a life (you start with four). But you can turn the tables on the gang by eating one of the four large blinking dots found all over the maze. These big dots turn the gang blue, and they become prey to Pac-man. Once you’ve finished all the dots in the maze, you move on to the next level.

Screenshot of Pac-man gameplay on the classic map


Block Jewel

The game is presented in the original 8-bit arcade graphics but it doesn’t limit the gameplay. If anything, it gives it an old school feel that older and new players are sure to appreciate. To move Pac-man around, you can use the updated swipe controls of simply swiping in the direction that you want him to go, or use the traditional joystick (digitally rendered).

An alternative maze available for unlock in the game

PAC-MAN features

Most of the features of the game are taken form the original arcade game. You can still see your score as you play and at the end of your run, you can still enter in your initials in the leader board, just like people used to do before. This time, it’s a global leader board where players from all over the world post their best runs. The Pac-man game is a re-launching of the original game for mobile gaming and it has a few additional features added to the original coin-operated game.

A gallery of mazes available in the Pac-man game

These features include all new mazes (to go along with the original maze), weekly tournaments from players all over the world, and token rewards where you can use in-game currency to access new mazes or get passes to enter tournaments. These coins can be earned by playing the game and accomplishing goals and challenges, and also through daily rewards. You can also now set the difficulty level of your Pac-man gaming.

Daily coins are available for in-game purchases


Pac-man is one of the best retro games to hit mobile gaming. The use of 8-bit graphics is a great throwback for players that remember going to the arcade and playing the popular coin-operated game. But for those that were born earlier, the game is still familiar because of how iconic Pac-man is as a game and a character. It’s a simple game that can be entertaining for hours on end. The new features make it a social game where players can compete with others in an international online tournaments and leader boards. Pac-man is an easily accessible game made fun in mobile gaming for the young and old.

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