Download Tap Titans 2 APK – For Android/iOS

Platforms Android 5.0 and up
Price Free
Size 384.2 MB
Latest Version 3.2.1

After the success of its predecessor, Tap Titans is back for a much more engaging and much more action-packed adventure. Game Hive Corporation will take us back to this epic tapping adventure with the Tap Titans 2. The game follows the story of the same heroic sword master who woke up in a world filled with utter chaos. Now, he is up to set himself on a new journey to defeat all the titans and bring the world back to its harmony. If you enjoyed the first Tap Titans game, then you will find its sequel even more engaging and fun, as it offers a vast of wonderful changes yet, remains faithful to the original concept. If you think you can help our hero save the world from these treacherous titans, feel free to explore Tap Titans 2 and let another epic adventure begins.

Tap Titans 2The Gameplay

The game works the same way with its predecessor. It comes with a very simple set of mechanics that features both action and incremental elements. Generally, the main objective in the game is to help your hero defeat all the titans. You will engage yourself on a series of epic battles against gigantic creatures known as titans. Interestingly, your character will not just finish this battle alone as he will be accompanied by a group of mighty heroes in his epic journey. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to the battlefield which typically features a giant monster.

To start, simply tap the monster or anywhere on the screen to inflict damage. Located on the uppermost portion of the game screen is the life meter that indicates the titan’s current health status. Once a titan is destroyed or defeated, it will prompt you right away to the next enemy. Unlike other incremental games, Tap Titans 2 requires you to interact with the battle all the time from beginning to the end. Take note that the main character will not attack automatically and you must keep on tapping the screen to perform the action. After all, the game will not be entitled Tap Titans for no reason.

Tap Titans 2Idle Elements and Upgrades

The incremental or idle elements of Tap Titans 2 can be experienced with the companion heroes. Eventually, the game will require you to hire heroes to accompany you in your battle. The heroes, however, will work automatically or without the player’s interaction. Once being hired, the heroes will be placed on their respective spots on the battlefield and will continuously inflict damage using their unique skills. Each hero possesses their special skills which give the game a great diversity when it comes to characters.


Block Jewel

Just like most idle games, the upgrade is one of the most crucial elements for Tap Titans 2. To become more efficient in the battle, you must upgrade both the main hero and his companions. Every time a monster or a titan is defeated, you will earn a certain amount of gold coins. You can use this to upgrade your heroes. The main effect is to increase the damage rate per attack. The price per upgrade, however, will increase exponentially.

Tap Titans 2Boss Battles, Pet System, Achievement and Clans

Tap Titans 2 has many great features to offer. As you progress, you will eventually encounter Boss battles. Boss titans usually have stronger stamina. Take note that Titans do not perform counter-attacks so there is nothing to worry about losing a character in this game. The goal is just to eliminate them all and you just need to upgrade your heroes to clear the enemies much faster. Tap Titans 2 will also introduce a Pet System. A rescued pet can be tamed and much like other hero companions, the pet is also capable of attacking titans.

The game also features a series of unlockable achievements. This allows you to win Gems which act as the game’s premium currency. You can use gems to buy your character a set of special gears and many other things that can help you in the battle. The game also features a Clan System which allows you to either join an existing group or create your very own. This allows you to enter Tournaments and other Multiplayer events.

Tap Titans 2The Verdict

Tap Titans 2 is definitely an impressive sequel to its predecessor. It comes with remarkable and visually stunning designs and a great dynamically-changing atmosphere. Although it works smoothly even without the player’s interaction especially when you have hired many companions, manually using your main hero is still a great experience. The game also has commendable longevity and works perfectly fine even without an internet connection. Overall, it is a great game that you can confidently include on your mobile game list. Currently, Tap Titans 2 is available for both Android and iOS devices. Have fun!

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