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paperless invoicing

With Stampli, have your vendors send or upload the PDF invoice into the centralized system. If your vendors are still using hard-copy invoices, you’ll have to scan them, but Stampli’s OCR will extract all the data quickly and accurately. If you are going to submit more than 100 invoices in a year, then our preferred method is EDI. For example, if you are only going to purchase twice a year from the new vendor, then it doesn’t make sense to spend time setting up EDI or any other electronic data exchange protocol. On top of it, you will always have new vendors so you need to make sure that they are also onboarded to the e-invoicing process. ProcureDesk supplier portal is designed to make this process simple. The registration process is just one click so that it is easy to onboard the suppliers.

  • When using a system that relies on paper, keeping track of and handling many invoices is a laborious procedure for the AP team.
  • GuideInvoicing Guide Know anything and everything about invoices and invoicing process.
  • This will also provide you the opportunity to offer more early payment discounts to your customers.
  • If you automate the process of capturing and processing invoices, the cost automatically goes down, reducing your cost for processing the invoice.
  • It lets you invoice customers quickly and accurately.
  • Invoices that do not include the use of paper in any format are referred to as “paperless invoices,” and it is obvious from the term that this invoicing exists.

When stored manually, invoices incur significant expenses regarding the amount of paper used and the amount of space required. Therefore, it is necessary to provide large amounts of space for the secure storage of paper invoices. An invoice management system that is paperless gives your client the option to pay you electronically. Helps boost the efficiency, transparency, and timeliness of your accounts payable process. Schedule a personalized free demo today to discover the many ways we can empower your business. To implement a paperless billing process within your company, it is important to follow several key steps. First things first—you need to get the data from the invoice into your digital system or AP Automation platform.


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A supplier portal is primarily meant for supplier self-service. A supplier portal is used when suppliers don’t have the infrastructure to support electronic invoices. Paperless invoice processing is the process of automating your invoice capture process so that you don’t have to scan the invoices, input the data like GL codes. If you aim to go paperless, you also have to get your vendors to know about this and make them go paperless. If you want to increase invoice approval timing, then you have to make sure that you set a threshold for the approval days. If you want to practice e-invoicing, you have to go for cloud-based solutions for storing bills, purchase orders, credit memos, payment receipts, and estimates. Once you have stored all the invoice data on the cloud, you do not need the hardcopy for any reference in the future.

How do I go paperless with invoice?

  1. Create a plan.
  2. Select software.
  3. Digitize paperwork.
  4. Track invoice status.
  5. Prioritize digital systems.

Expense account Regate automates the processing of your expense reports and simplifies your daily life. Yes, this is where “paperless” starts to become synonymous with “awesome” 🙂 . As per Ardent partners, the adoption rate of e-invoices is around 24.9% which is much better than what paperless invoicing it used to be. Some of these might be one-off vendors and might not be billing you consistently. You must be wondering what happens to the rest of the 80% of the supplier base. It generally should follow the rule, i.e the 80% of invoice count should be with 20% of your supplier base.

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After creating the electronic invoice, you can use the app’s emailing option to send invoices to the customer as a PDF file. Paperless invoicing is the easiest and fastest method to charge all your customers across the globe without getting up from your desk.

paperless invoicing

It even highlights the discrepancy for quick resolution, so you know exactly what to contact your supplier about. The transaction is vouchered in your accounting software, and payment is issued in accordance with the supplier’s policies.

Paperless Invoicing System

In this case, there is no paper copy or for that matter electronic PDF copy of the invoice. If there is nopurchase order process, you probably rely on invoice approval from stakeholders for every single invoice. Whether you pay suppliers on time or not is sometimes a measure of cash flow and company policies. However, if cash flow is not an issue, then a good practice is to of course pay suppliers on time. You probably would find a lot of articles on the internet that talk about why a scanning solution is a panacea to all your invoice processing problems.

Choose from many custom PDF invoice templates, which instantly create professional PDF invoices using the submitted information. Customize the software settings with workflows to code invoices and route them for approval when needed. also gives you the option to build automation into your billing processes.

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Not only features – we have online invoicing software for almost every industry. When using a system that relies on paper, keeping track of and handling many invoices is a laborious procedure for the AP team. In addition, there is a high probability that an invoice may go missing while it is transported. The dematerialisation of invoices also allows companies to save real space.

Reduce the exceptions, the faster you can pay the vendors. Request a customized demo to see how IntelliChief addresses your organization’s most pressing challenges. Simply provide some preliminary information about your project and our experts will handle the rest. Lastly, we recommend selecting a bank-independent turnkey system with the ability to accommodate Automated Clearing House payments, wire transfers, and virtual card payments. GoCardless is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017, registration number , for the provision of payment services.