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Download Dice BrawlWhen it comes to dice games, we normally think of those classic tabletop boardgames that we all grew up with. Interestingly, some of our favorite dice games are now playable online through various mobile games. Dice Brawl: Card Battle Strategy PvP on the other hand is a very unique take to classic dice games. It’s a mixture between a dice game and a card game with elements of adventure and a pinch of multiplayer battle. The goal in Dice Brawl is to defeat enemies by destroying their fortresses and by inflicting them huge damages through brawling. If you think you can master this game, feel free to download Dice Brawl: Card Battle Strategy PvP and see how far you can go.

Dice Brawl is a very unique boardgame developed by Idiocracy. It’s a turn based battle which works by rolling dices. Instead of a typical boardgame pathways or playzone, you are prompted to a themed stages which are often presented in multiple platforms that are arranged circularly. The pegs or the tokens in this game are animated which brings humor and fun. If you love boardgames, i don’t see any reason why you should not download Dice Brawl: Card Battle Strategy PvP on your mobile.

Download Dice BrawlThe Gameplay

The mechanics for Dice Brawl are very simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to the game board. It is normally composed of 13 platforms in circular position. The standard level is composed of eight rounds and the game randomly pick which player will go first. As the game starts,  a Low and High gauge meter will appear. Simply tap and hold to adjust and release the hold to start rolling the dice. The animated token will move automatically based on the result of your dice roll.

If the platform is empty, you can build a fortress but you have to pay gold. Each fortress will indicate the amount of damage they can inflict if the enemy steps on it. If you or the enemy landed on each other’s fortresses, you will have the option to Brawl. Here, you will try to inflict damage to the fortress through a dice roll. If the number on the dice is bigger than the defense rate of the fortress, players can conquer it and it will become part of your territory. The player who loses the life within the eight rounds will lose the battle. If both players has remaining lives, the one with the highest health points wins.


Block Jewel

Download Dice BrawlStrengthen Fortresses Through Skill Cards

Another great element you can find when you download Dice Brawl: Card Battle Strategy PvP is the collectible card element on it. It’s more than just dice roll and smashing enemies but more of strategizing. One of the effective ways to win the battle is to strengthen your fortresses which you can do in many ways. If you landed on the same fortress, you will have the option to Upgrade it. This will increase the damage rate. The damage rate will also improve if you build another fortress in an adjacent platform.

Since this is about roll dice, Dice Brawl is basically a Game of Chance but you can still apply effective strategy to win. You can also take advantage of the Skill cards. Players earn skill cards through chests. The skill cards are shows different characters and they will all vary in terms of their rarity. The rarest cards often inflict greater damage and effects.   In order to apply them, you must land on a fortress you build and they will only take affect if the enemy steps on it.

Download Dice BrawlMultiplayer Battle

Aside from the main campaign, another element you will love when you download Dice Brawl: Card Battle Strategy PvP is the game’s multiplayer component. There’s a Daily Challenge that allows you to brawl against another real time online player. You can also access the Arena once you have reached the Battleboard 2. This also allows you to fight against multiple players in a tournament-style combat. You can also join leagues and battle for fame. Dice Brawl also has an interactive leaderboard system which ranks players based on different categories.


Dice Brawl is generally simple yet surprisingly fun and addictive game. It takes classic boardgame puzzles into an all new level. The cartoonish graphics fit well on the theme. It is also accompanied by great music and effects. Dice Brawl : Card Battle Strategy PvP is available for both iOS and Android Devices. To unlock more premium cards, the game offers items that are obtainable through microtransactions. Since it has Multiplayer element on it, the game requires players a stable internet connection for full gaming experience.

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