Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

If a loved one is experiencing co-occurring PTSD and alcohol use disorders it is important to know how to get them the treatment they need. PTSD and alcohol abuse may occur together due to the tendency of people diagnosed with PTSD to engage in self-destructive behavior and the desire to avoid thinking about the trauma. If you suspect you’re going through alcohol withdrawal, find help.

To understand how long-term memories form, think of your brain as an Instagram account, except if your camera was constantly filming to collect memories. Our capacity to remember words and facts — semantic memories — persist from childhood.

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Stress and trauma are both causes of alcoholism, making PTSD a serious risk factor for developing alcohol addiction. When you use alcohol to deal with PTSD symptoms, you may feel better in the moment, but those feelings always return—often more severely. Prolonged blackout drinking can also cause serious problems throughout your life, which may worsen your mental health and make you even more reliant on alcohol.


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All analyses were performed by technicians blinded to the clinical data. No two trauma recovery journeys ptsd alcohol blackout take the exact same shape. Wherever your path takes you, these reminders can help smooth the road ahead.

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Studies report increases in veteran alcohol use after sexual abuse and/or sexual assault endured in combat. Female veterans experience unique traumas based on gender. 23 percent of female veterans have experienced sexual assault while in combat and may turn to drinking to self-medicate as a short-term solution. Studies show that the relationship between PTSD and alcohol use problems can start with either issue. For example, people with PTSD have more problems with alcohol both before and after they develop PTSD. Having PTSD increases the risk that you will develop a drinking problem.

Thus, they pose the same short-term and long-term risks as unhealthy drinking habits and excessive alcohol consumption. Have you ever forgotten some or all of what happened while you were drunk?