Best Forex Divergence Trading Strategy In 2023 No Loss Method

After all, in order to trade profitably, it is important to see the divergence of Forex on any timeframe. The momentum oscillator like the RSI is referred to as a trend-leading indicator. The momentum is calculated as the ratio of positive price changes to negative price changes.

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Beginners can use this indicator to learn where the divergence forms and how to open or close positions in such situations. At the same time, expert traders can use it to confirm their anticipated movements. If bullish divergence is present in the market, the security is oversold, which comes after a higher low resulting from the lower low. On the other hand, the bearish divergence appears on the chart when RSI reflects an overbought situation, after a lower high that ties up with the higher high. RSI divergence indicator detects bullish and bearish divergence on the chart. Bullish divergence is seen when the chart’s price makes lower lows and the RSI indicator higher highs.

What is the RSI Divergence indicator?

If you combine the RSI divergence indicator with RSI, you can clarify where the trade is going. Divergence is a means to find the early trend reversal signal. There can be three types of divergence, i.e., regular, extended, and hidden. You can use MACD, CCI, Stochastic, or any other oscillator to find the divergence. You should use any confirmatory signal to add further probability of success to your trading. Most traders see divergence on the chart and simply enter the trade without thinking for another moment.


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The oscillator may either strike higher lows or achieve double or triple bottoms (which more often occurs in range-bound indicators such as RSI). In this case, our divergence forex system strategy should be to prepare for opening a long position, as there is a signal of possible uptrend. It is used to identify overbought and oversold conditions, price momentum and reversals. The relative strength indicator is shown as levels from 0 to 100.

forex divergence

Typically, this kind of divergence is seen along the tops during a big move. The market draws a double top, but the second price peak may be slightly higher or lower than the previous value. Even if the top levels are the same, the indicator will show a lower second high.

It means that if it is an upward trend, it will continue to go upward. It is indicated when the price shows a higher low, but the indicator shows a lower low. This marks the end of a downward trend and indicates a start and continuation of an upward or bullish trend. Understanding the divergence can be more clear if you are using it with a combination of indicators. The most commonly used are the Relative Strength Index , Moving Average , Bollinger Bands, Stochastic Oscillator, and many more.

Trading in instruments like Forex will become much easier with time. It is an amazing tool and can prove to be a friend who warns you of any market changes. Enter into a BUY trade if the RSI signal is between 45 and 55 levels, oscillator price rises, and the price trend line is bearish. Indicators can provide signals for almost all the financial instruments but most importantly for Forex.

Milan Cutkovic | 16 Jun 2022 An IB traditionally refers new traders to their preferred broker for a commission. Read more about how introducing brokers operate for Axi in this guide. Forex divergence should not be used as an entry signal itself. However, it could be a valuable addition to your existing strategy. For example, the price on the chart you are looking at has just made a new higher high, but the indicator is making a lower high. Divergence trading is an awesome tool to have in your toolbox because divergences signal to you that something fishy is going on and that you should pay closer attention.

What is divergence in forex trading

In this case, we should expect an upward movement; that is, the trader needs to get ready to buy. The positive divergence signals that there may be a positive movement in the price. It is indicated when the technical indicator is moving higher, but the price is moving lower. This type of signal is known as a bullish signal or bullish divergence. The MACD is a trend-following momentum indicator that assesses market forces and indicates changes in momentum, direction and strength of a price trend. MACD is calculated by subtracting the long-term exponential moving average from the short-term EMA.

When it comes to trading divergences, there are two types and each contain either a bullish bias or a bearish bias. Convergence in forex describes a condition under which an asset’s price and the value of another asset, index or any other related item move in the same direction. For instance, let’s assume a situation in which market prices show an uptrend, and so does our technical indicator. In this case, we face continuing momentum, and there is high probability that the trend will persist. So, here, the price and the technical indicator converge (i.e. follow the same direction), and the trader may refrain from sale, as the price is likely to further grow. Once you apply the indicator to your MT4 terminal, it will display the above lines and arrows on the price chart.

forex divergence

This method is especially convenient for beginners who have not yet studied the intricacies of divergence spotting. For this purpose, it is better to use divergence indicators, which currently number more than a dozen. Doing technical analysis, absolutely any trader is interested to see in advance where the rate of this or that asset will move.

EURUSD Price Analysis: Bulls stay hopeful above 1.0300 on RSI divergence inside nearby triangle

You can use the oversold and overbought conditions to exit the trades. If this feature is observed, then the price will continue to go in the same direction. Divergence in the Forex market is a constant phenomenon and is one of the most powerful elements of technical analysis. An oscillator is an indicator that moves back and forth across a reference line or between prescribed upper and lower limits.

forex divergence

You will notice the chart was making a new short-term lower low, but the stochastics oscillator was making a higher high. The 4450 level became a key support level after the breakout, and traders could have used the breakout below it as an entry signal. Together with the bearish divergence, it would have been a powerful What are the advantages combination, and as we can see, the US500 fell more than 100 points after the breakout. We use oscillators as they range between 0 and 100 and help us identify overbought and oversold levels on the chart. Below is a screenshot of all the oscillator indicators available on MT4 within the Oscillators folder.

How can we use it for a good entry signal?

One cannot predict the exact movement of the price of any instrument in the market. But traders and analysts can at least predict the trend that may follow with the indicators’ help. The trend basically means the expected direction of the price of a particular instrument or security. There is more than one type of indicator, and each of them has its own process of predicting the pattern of a trend in price.

Inversely, if the security is less volatile, it means its prices move gradually. Following are the two types of hidden divergence bias and what they indicate. Divergence indicates whether the ongoing trend will continue or reverse in the trend. This interpretation becomes more convenient when a trader has subsequent knowledge of what type of divergence means in which situation.

RSI is a momentum oscillator that reads the changes in the price direction to define an asset’s overbought and oversold situations. To determine the classic bullish divergence of Forex, you should pay attention to the lows of the chart, as well as the indicator. If the market has a regular bullish divergence, then the candlesticks will draw a lower price value, and the indicator, on the contrary, will draw a higher low.

Divergence has helped me to become a better trader by becoming more objective. There is no guessing involved in most cases, you either see the divergence or you don’t. We use an oscillators such as the RSI, CCI, MACD, Stochastics and so on to spot divergences. I chose the CCI for no particular reason really, I just tried it and decided to stick with it. When price goes up and makes a higher high, we expect the indicator to do the same, make higher highs.

The following tool, which can detect divergence in automatic mode, works based on the popular OsMA indicator. Its distinctive feature is that it produces a lot of signals on any timeframe. However, the indicator is not an Expert Advisor and does not give clear signals. Its main task is to show on the chart all the differences between the price and local extrema of the oscillator. A trader should “separate the wheat from the chaff” and choose promising signals, ignoring doubtful ones.

Hidden Divergence Trading Strategy

A regular divergence signals an expected reversal in the current trend. The standard divergence bias shows how the possible reversal may take place. As the name suggests, ‘divergence’ is meant to indicate a change in direction.