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Consider which cloud providers the existing or potential partner has expertise in. This can be accomplished by questioning if any of the consultants on staff are certified in those environments, how often they work in that specific cloud service, and if they use that provider. These three are almost a gimme for any list, which is why they are all grouped together.

We can automate anything and help you save up to 85% on your infrastructure costs. If security issues are detected, Deep Security’s dashboard interface provides actionable insights to help rapidly remediate. Configuration best practices support and guidance is another key value of the platform.

But quite a few of them can also be outsourced where it makes sense to lighten the load further. The Google Cloud platform is a core driver of the company’s revenue, bringing in billions per quarter. “Customers are choosing Google Cloud to either lower their costs by improving operating efficiency, or to drive innovation through digital transformation,” Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, has said. When speaking to your potential vendor, inquire about what kind of cloud security projects they have led. This has allowed them to pick up markets in Australia, the Netherlands, and many other countries in recent years. While KPMG may not be as well-known on the cloud services side as other vendors, they are still readily capable to assist.


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This company has achieved the highest level of data protection and visibility. The Netskope Intelligent Security Service Edge helps customers reduce risk, accelerate performance, and gain visibility into any cloud, web, and private application activity. Thousands of customers, including more than 25 of the Fortune 100, trust Netskope to address evolving threats, new risks, technology shifts, organisational and network changes, and new regulatory requirements. As companies increasingly look to cloud computing as a means to expand, modernise and stay competitive, they are also exposing themselves to new risks. Cloud transformation and remote working have changed how security needs to work, with new measures needing to be taken. In no particular order, we take a look at 10 of the top cloud security companies.

top cloud security companies

Cybersecurity is the cornerstone of eMazzanti Technologies’ services and offerings. BlueSteel Cybersecurity understands the needs of businesses when it comes to protecting client Read more… CrowdStrike has transformed enterprise security with the world’s most advanced cloud-native platform. CipherCloud now offers services in many sectors, including financial, healthcare, https://globalcloudteam.com/ pharmaceutical, government, insurance, and telecoms. Datadog Security Monitoring offers over 450 integrations that allow you to collect metrics, logs, and traces from both your security tools and your entire stack. In 2021 Proofpoint was acquired by Thoma Bravo, a leading private equity software investing firm, in a transaction that valued Proofpoint at US$12.3bn.

Easy consumption model with the attractive pricing and unified platform bundle in the industry. FireEye limits the intricacy and weight of network safety for ventures planning for, forestalling, and answering digital dangers. Forcepoint CASB suites secure essential communications and data by integrating with Splunk, Okta, Google Drive, Salesforce, and Slack. Red Canary powers Kroll’s CyberDetectER program, which detects and responds to cyberattacks on servers and laptops. The Tech Trend is a tech community for tech and non technical person and a tech new media publication firm, where we welcome your thoughts.

Its cloud services include Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, AppExchange, Salesforce Quip and Salesforce Platform. Salesforce also has its website Salesforce Trust, which shows the security status of every Salesforce platform. Salesforce handles a great deal of delicate information, and data security is integral to its survival within its cloud environment. They offer many services that are geared towards cloud service providers, including security. With the ability to provide services outside of security for a company, LogicWorks is positioned to be your one-stop provider for cloud migration, cloud build, or cloud posture assessment. CA Technologies, one of the best cloud security companies, agreed to integrate its DevOps and cybersecurity solutions with the SAP Cloud Platform.

Netskope is a leader in Security Service Edge and is aiming to redefine cloud, data, and network security to help organisations apply Zero Trust principles to protect data. According to Analyst companies Gartner and Forrester, CASB ranks highest as cloud solutions technology. Understanding cloud security risks is also a key feature, with reliability ratings to help inform privacy policies. File integrity monitoring, software vulnerability analysis, and log-based intrusion detection are among the features.

Many organizations fail to realize that all three of these companies offer up security services in some form or fashion. It is not just Azure, Google, and AWS but others like Oracle, DigitalOcean, and many other lesser-known brands from which to choose. Due to many vendor options and the complexity that resides within each environment, it is important to engage a firm that has experience with the platform you are operating. Consultant companies may have experience with more than one cloud provider, so it is not a one-to-one relationship. To prevent such malicious attacks, organizations have started adopting several security practices to protect their cloud environments.

When looking for a vendor to assist, do not hesitate to contact your cloud solution provider for help. An award-winning technology services provider, Aligned Technology Solutions delivers a variety of IT services with security as its cornerstone. As one of the most-used DevOps technologies, CircleCI offers unique access to data on how engineering teams work and how their code performs.

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Twistlock’s advanced, highly developed intelligence, centralized platform, and protection against next-generation threats such as malware, exploits, and other malicious software, protect the environment. It comprises two product suites; the first is Zscaler Internet Access which offers a secure connection for your clients and employees through a 100% cloud security stack with the latest versions of appliances. Firewalls, URL filtering, DLP, and sandboxing operate from a single console, with zero hardware to scale. The success is the feature-rich and scalable products that streamline the entire process of securing the whole parameter. For instance, the suite of Sandblast products offers companies best-in-class security from zero-day threats despite their place of origin.

The central values of Akamai are Enterprise Threat protection and Enterprise Application access which operate as centralized consoles of other cloud security companies. It will offer high visibility into all aspects of your network and excellent protection from a wide range of attacks. In addition, it simplifies all tasks that are essential in maintaining a stable security posture.

top cloud security companies

It is possible to automate the sandboxing, extraction and sanitization of various types of files. With default out-of-box rules, you can detect threats in minutes for widespread attacker techniques. Datadog’s Detection Rules offer a vital way of seeing suspicious behaviour and security threats in real-time in all ingested logs. VMware acquired CloudHealth in 2018 and expanded it in 2019 to provide deeper integration with VMware workloads along with the public cloud. We do this by delivering software and other technologies to businesses and governments that help them authenticate identities and protect data.

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This article will discuss the 7 best cloud security companies, the top methodologies opted by companies for conducting cloud pentests, as well the features to look for in a top cloud security provider. Along with this the factors to consider when choosing a cloud security company will also be explained. In addition, if your organization is subject to one or more regulatory compliance frameworks, such as the PCI-DSS, EU GDPR, HIPAA or SOC 2, you should seek out a managed cloud security provider.

  • Typically, an external auditor employs a number of test cases and checklists to determine whether the targeted security posture meets expectations.
  • Netskope’s cloud security has been trusted by large organizations and enterprises because of its strict security policies, advanced cloud technologies, and unique cloud-scale architecture.
  • Available as a cloud-based service, the tool automatically deep-scans custom web apps, testing for a variety of security problems, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.
  • This means that the solution must be capable of expanding or reducing its services in accordance with your company’s scaling.
  • Tracking various threats is enabled via the dashboard, which provides insight into cloud configuration, potentially vulnerable servers, and the status of alert remediation.

If you are further along in your journey and looking for managed services, discussing solutions for building a secure architecture may not make sense. In most cases, organizations are looking to transition to the cloud for flexibility and speed, not to replicate their existing architecture. So, when it comes to looking for a partner with your cloud security, below are some tips to consider.

Cloud Security Is A Shared Responsibility

Ultimately, the cloud can be much more secure for companies because of the 24/7 monitoring; however, if companies don’t properly set up their security, they are vulnerable to attacks. Cloud security is not only a hot commodity, but a necessary one, and businesses are steadily increasing their adoption of services provided by the top cloud security companies. Founded with the cloud in mind and assisting organizations with their transition to the cloud, Hybrid Pathways has continued to focus on providing value to organizations through adding security services. With the focus on designing and building secure architecture, Hybrid Pathways looks to build a repeatable process for their customers.

top cloud security companies

Data Loss Protection solution feature offers granular control to monitor and block data transfer to USBs for companies that are highly cautious about data leakage. HackerOne offers security via penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, bug bounties, compliance testing and vulnerability disclosure programs. Due to the Helix data platform, which heavily benefits from the incident response expertise of the company. The Polygraph feature is a key differentiator for Lacework, providing a visual representation of the relationship between account roles, workloads, and APIs with the goal of providing better context. Threat analytics is another area of ​​FireEye’s depth of expertise, with its Helix data analytics platform benefiting from the company’s Mandiant incident response expertise.

Cloud security solutions and technology is becoming a major tool for Enterprises. Many cloud security solutions are being developed every day and many cloud security companies are in security service. It’s one of the cloud security companies offering cloud-native solutions but among the few delivering the promise.

Select The Right Cloud Security Vendor

You can learn a lot about a security solution from the user reviews that you find online. We’ve linked to some below, but take a look at what users have to say, especially about the reliability and availability of customer support. Going beyond just threat detection, Trend Micro also provides virtual patching for vulnerabilities to help limit risks as rapidly as possible. The Polygraph feature is a key differentiator for Lacework, providing a visual representation of relationships across account roles, workloads and APIs in an attempt to deliver better context. Threat analytics is another area of deep expertise for FireEye, with its Helix data analytics platform that benefits from the company’s Mandiant incident response expertise.

It comprises of simple rules editor, which helps in editing and customizing any rule to meet your companies’ particular needs. Of particular interest are automated workload intrusion detection capabilities, powered by machine learning, to help mitigate risk. CloudPassage’s cloud security providers key differentiator is the platform’s automated approach to determining when and if a certain workload or configuration differs from defined policies. Advertise with TechnologyAdvice on Datamation and our other data and technology-focused platforms.

The Zero Trust security approach helps companies enhance their security around every device, user, and connection by enabling them to manage threats proactively. Secure State is particularly good at providing insights into security risks due to connections between cloud objects and services, which can represent a great deal of risk to an organization. Symantec is in the process of undergoing a number of shifts, as the enterprise business unit, which includes cloud security, was acquired by Broadcom.