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Roofer Invoice Template

This comprehensive bill allows you to keep track of your accounts, organize client information and stay up-to-date on payments. There’s nothing like witnessing an old roof transform into a new, strong structure. It protects people in the most important place of all––their home. To make sure you’re compensated, access a sample roofing invoice. The Microsoft Word and Excel documents will immediately trigger downloads of that file which you can edit and “save as” to create new invoices.

What should a proper invoice contain?

  1. The title “Invoice” clearly displayed.
  2. You and your customers' full name and address.
  3. The invoice date.
  4. The payment due date.
  5. A unique invoice number.
  6. A description of the products or services sold.
  7. The quantity and price of each product/service.

Blank roof Invoice , How to Plan Roofing Invoice Templates , If you have a roofing project, you may need to make a roofing invoice. This invoice is needed to be sent after you complete the work with your client … When customers are in a crisis with a leaking or damaged roof – you come to the rescue. You deserve to be compensated quickly and accurately, so use this free invoice template for all those times you respond to emergency situations. You may be installing a metal roof on a 5 bedroom home, fixing clay tiles on a small abode or re-installing an asphalt shingle roof for an apartment complex. Either way, you need an invoice that will address the amount of time needed for that project and cover the cost of the materials.


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You can add any work performed, materials used, applicable taxes, interest, and fees. It is also possible to prepare a bill in advance or generate it right on the spot. You can transfer it to a client in seconds via email or link.

Roofer Invoice Template

Try out this easy and simple invoice template and see what it can do for your business. Roofing is a big job that requires materials and labor, so many roofing professionals ask for a percentage of the cost up front, with the remainder when the roof is completely finished. But if it’s a smaller job, some roofers have the customer sign an estimate and then ask for payment upon completion. If you are on retainer to a corporate client, or to a city or municipality, you might want to invoice at regular intervals to keep the revenue coming in.

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What is the difference between an invoice and a receipt? While invoices are used to bill customers, receipts are used to confirm that a customer made a payment. Drive new leads and appointments online, Roofer Invoice Template thanks to accurate and up-to-date online listings. Centralize your text and email customer communications, and keep track of back-and-forth conversations so nothing gets lost in translation.