Download Words Story APK – For Android/iOS

Publisher Zhou Jiaping
Platforms Android 4.1 and up
Price Free
Size 326.8 MB
Latest Version 1.6.2

Remember the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”? It’s a story of a man who was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn’t do. He was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment. Interestingly, the main protagonist managed to escape prison in a most unexpected way. Zhou Jiaping came up with an exciting game series known as Words Story. The game is basically an anagram puzzle in which your goal is to solve each level by guessing the correct word. This particular Words Story will focus on a character similar to the Shawshank Redemption story. You got framed and imprisoned and now you need to find a clever way to escape. If you think you can master this game, feel free to explore Words Story and see how far you can go.

Words StoryThe Gameplay

The game comes with a very simple set of mechanics. The main objective is to guess the correct word based on the jumbled letters given per level. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to the first level. A typical level is composed of word boxes to indicate the length of the mystery word. Located below are the random  letter tiles. To submit a word, simply tap the letters on a proper sequence. If you get the correct word, the letter boxes will turn Blue and this will prompt you to the next level.

If the word you submitted is not legal, the game will tell you so and you just need to submit another word. When you submitted a valid word but not  exactly the mystery word, the tiles will turn yellow and it will go to your Extra Words list. This list comes with a meter and once you have earned enough, you will be rewarded with extra gold coins.  It is also important to note that almost all the mystery words are related to the story.

Words StoryHints and Bombs

Words Story is very generous when it comes to giving clues. Even without using the game’s Hint features, players can easily base their answers to the letter tiles. Every time you submitted a valid word but not exactly the mystery word, the boxes will not just turn yellow but it also destroys tiles that do not belong to the mystery word. Therefore, if the extra tiles were eliminated, it would be easy for the players to guess the correct word.


Block Jewel

If in case you are having a hard time guessing the right word, you can always take advantage of the bombs. You can activate bombs in exchange of money. Basically, it will only destroy a single tile from the jumbled letters and will not exactly reveal the word but this could still be very useful and advantageous. The virtual money can be earned in many ways. You can do so by guessing the correct words, by completing the Extra Words meter or by watching ads. It is also part of the game’s microtransaction.

Words StoryThe Story Progresses

It’s not going to earn the title Words Story if the game will not emphasize on the story itself. One thing you will surely love about Words Story is how the story progresses. The main character’s agenda is to create a hole in the wall and escape from it. Interestingly, the hole will get bigger and deeper as you progress and the game will constantly update you with the current status. From time to time, you will also encounter words that are highly relevant to the situation. There’s a scenario where you will offer the character a tool that he can use for his great escape. Also, as you progress, you will meet various characters who will help you along the way.

The game also features Daily Challenges. These challenges are often more challenging and it also features random characters. It is also interesting to note that these Daily puzzles will grant you bigger prizes too.

The Verdict

Overall, Words Story is a simple yet surprisingly addictive word game. It’s very uncommon for a word game to come up with a progressive story and this game gave enough justice on that part. The players are only treated with doodle-like animation but the game managed to incorporate some funny humor into it which makes Words Story even more engaging. If you are looking for a word game that is simple and fun and works perfectly well even without an Internet connection, Words Story is surely a great fit. The game is currently available on both Android and iOS devices. Good luck and have fun!

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