Download Find The Differences : The Detective APK – For Android/iOS

Publisher 10P Studio
Platforms Android 4.1 and up
Price Free
Size 235.7 MB
Latest Version 1.3.7

How good is your detective skills? Well, it is time to put that skills on a great test with 10P Studios’ Find the Differences : The Detective. The game is one of 10P Studios’ Find the Differences series in which you play the role of a mighty detective. The goal is simple, solve each puzzles, find all the differences between the two given pictures and search for the clues to clear the case. It works the same way with your typical Find the Differences puzzle games and if you love solving such puzzles, feel free to download Find The Differences : The Detective and see how far you can go.

Find The Differences : The DetectiveThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are generally simple and easily manageable. Interestingly, the game comes with different cases that you need to solve. Each case is composed of at least ten levels to explore. It is also important to note that each case requires five important clues that you need to find in order to solve the case and proceed to the next chapter. As soon as the game begins, you will be prompted right away to the first pair of pictures.

Basically, the game will showcase two identical pictures. Simply find the differences between the two photos by simply tapping them. The amount of required items or differences will vary per level but they are exponentially increasing as you progress. What makes Find The Differences : The Detective more challenging is the time limit. Players are only allotted with a two minute time frame and they must be able to find all the differences within the limit, otherwise, the game will come to a quick end and you have to start the level back from the beginning.

Find The Differences : The DetectiveNeat Graphics and Overwhelming Levels to Explore

One thing you will surely appreciate when you download the Find the Differences : The Detective is the beautiful and colorful cartoonish graphics. Each case will feature different settings including schools, office, library and various houses. You will encounter settings that are presented with intricate and confusing details which makes it harder to find the differences.


Block Jewel

Currently, Find the Differences : The Detective offers more than 1000 different puzzles to explore which provides the game a remarkable longevity. iOS version has even more levels and puzzles to explore. There are 20 cases to solve for the Android and there are over 36 for iOS. However, the replay value is quite a downside because if you failed to solve a level, it prompts you back to the same scene and the differences are on the same spot.

Find The Differences : The DetectiveHints

In case you are having a hard time finding the difference and in case that you are also running out of time, you can always take advantage of the Hints. By tapping the Hints icon (bulb), the game will reveal one of the differences. Interestingly, you cannot use the Hints simultaneously because there is a cool down time that you must wait before you can manage to use it again. Hints will also require you to watch a rewarded video which is a clever way of inputting advertisements rather than popping up out of nowhere.

I also like to note that players must prevent clicking the wrong spots as it will result to time penalty. Certain amount of time will be deducted for ever wrong click you made so better avoid it at all cost.


Find The Differences : The Detective is generally fun and simple yet surprisingly addictive. It may not feature a hardcore gameplay much like the others but it is certainly something you’ll enjoy during your freetime. Currently, Find the Differences : The Detective is available for both Android and iOS devices and you can download the game for free. Good luck.

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