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Publisher Fastone Games
Platforms Android 4.1+; iOS
Price Free
Size 44 MB
Latest Version 2.1.7

Hello Stars. What’s that? I’m destined for great things? To become a superstar? All it takes is having a red dot to remind me to work hard?


Now here’s an interesting approach to 2D drawing puzzles. In this one, you’ll have to draw lines in order to make that red dot moving. Its goal is to hit our lazy newborn star, and to wake him up from whatever he’s wasting his time on, and to get him going! Being a superstar usually implies that you work your ass off, and never sleep and have fun or anything similar. By taking care of your character, you’ll earn stars and coins which will help you buy new accessories and equipment for your stage and your performance. Also, you’ll unlock new venues, with even bigger stages, which can take in more audience to cheer for you while you’re up there all glittering and cool.

Hello Stars


It’s quite simple. Each level is a scene from your star’s everyday life. Either he’s in bed, firmly sleeping, or in a car, bathtub, in front of a TV, etc. Then there’s that red dot, lurking from the shadows. It’s an incarnation of destiny itself – trying to remind you that there are big things waiting for you. If you’re ready to stop whatever you’re doing and start working hard! You need to use as less graphite as possible to draw a line which will make that red dot hit your character and wake him up! It starts with drawing simple lines which will just push the dot, but as you progress you’ll have to make up some sophisticated shapes in order to overcome all the obstacles. That can be gaps in the environment, or heavy objects falling from above and similar.

Hello Stars


Block Jewel

For each level completed, you get maximum of three stars, but if you use your pencil too much, you may get less, even none. More stars equals more coins, which you use to buy upgrades for your stage and your clothes, costumes and other accessories which can improve your performance. You can even have fireworks, light shows, fog coming out from the floor and such. That part of the game is to rest your brain from the puzzles a bit. Just tap around the interface to buy stuff, nothing demanding. The problem-solving segment isn’t so hard either. And on top of all that, you can watch ads to get some extra coins and stars, or you can even purchase them, so this is an easy one! Maybe too easy.

Hello Stars


The game is inspired by stickman aesthetics, which certainly stick out, not in a good way. The title has quite an original concept, and it’s too bad to see it in such a simplified edition. It feels unnecessarily and unintentionally silly, goofy and childish. Add to that the uninteresting cartoonish music, and ads popping out too often, you get a pretty annoying experience. Now imagine this title with more serious graphics and cool, diverse music, it would be a blast! Especially because it has a unique hint feature. You can ask the game for help to solve a puzzle and pay with coins, but you can also watch a video of someone else doing it. Furthermore, you can record your own play session and share it with the world, and be graded for its helpfulness. Such an amazing feature in such a mediocre title!

Hello Stars

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