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Publisher Big Blue Bubble
Platforms Android 5.0 and up
Price Free
Size 94 MB
Latest Version 1.0.6

download Wrecking SquadWrecking Squad is the newest offering of Big Blue Bubble, the publisher behind the addictive My Singing Monster. As what the title of the game suggests, Wrecking Squad is a game that wonderfully adapts the classic Crush the Castle but in a futuristic atmosphere.  It features notable elements that you can find in Angry Birds but in a more engaging 3D Graphics. Your main objective in this game is to smash everything in sight and eliminate the evil robo-jerks. If you’re ready for another epic smashing adventure, download Wrecking Squad and let the smashing begins!

Interestingly, the game follows a story of a kid who once dreamed to become the best wrecker. 10 years after entering the Wrecking camp, he is now living his dream and he gathered his own squad to defeat the evil robots. Each member of the Wrecking Squad has special abilities that you can utilize. If you think you can help them in their mission, feel free to download Wrecking Squad and see what else the game has to offer.

download Wrecking SquadThe Gameplay

The mechanics of the game are very simple and easily manageable yet still requires players to establish the most effective strategy to win. Wrecking Squad is generally a physics based puzzle. As soon as the first level begins, it prompts you to an interactive 3D game field. It features blocky towers with evil robots that are randomly placed in each level. In order to progress, you must launch the Wrecker towards the tower and destroy all the evil robots.

The challenge comes in many forms. First of all, the moves are limited. Just like Angry Birds, you can launch different members of the squad in a sequential order (one after another). If you have launched them all and still there are remaining robots on the field, you lose the level and you have to start back until you manage to make it through. The controls are simple yet tricky. Tap and hold the character and drag them to adjust the force. A trajectory can be seen for better aiming. Simply release the hold to launch the character. The force and the accuracy will vary depending on the wind force and direction (tow of the common obstacles in the game).


Block Jewel

download Wrecking SquadUnlock the Entire Squad

One of the things you will enjoy when you download Wrecking Squad is the ability to unlock various characters. The first chapter will introduce us to four characters with unique abilities. The concept of having different abilities will actually reminds you of how Angry Birds work but presented in a different approach. Each character has a skill tree and the more you upgrade them, the more they become destructive.

Some of the notable characters include the Breaker, Dozer, Boom Boom and Professor. Each has different abilities and skills that you can upgrade to make them more efficient. The gold coins you collect from each successful levels are used to buy upgrades. It is also interesting to note that the price per upgrade is exponentially increasing. Also, the player has no control of their sequence. Therefore, you have to utilize their abilities and skillfully destroy all robots before the moves run out.

Blocks and Break Boxes

Other interesting elements that you can find when you download Wrecking Squad are the special blocks. These special blocks can help you in many ways. Gold Blocks allow you to earn additional gold coins while others will act as explosives and create massive destruction. Another element you can take advantage with are the Break Boxes. You can unlock break boxes in two ways. The Big Break Box takes you to a special level and is only available in limited time. The goal is to destroy the box within limited moves. Normal Break Box, on the other hand, is obtained by watching rewarded videos.

download Wrecking SquadGraphics

Appearance wise, Wrecking Squad is truly impressive. It has visually stunning interface adorned with remarkable graphics. To top it all, it features a 360 Camera view which allows you to visualize the destruction site in every possible angle. If you download Wrecking Squad, you are also treated with amazing music and sound effects which are perfect to set the mood right. The fully destructible 3D environment is one of the strongest elements in this game.


Overall, Wrecking Squad is an entertaining physics based puzzle game. With well polished 3D graphics, overwhelming levels to explore, smooth gameplay and impressive replay value, I don’t see any reasons why you should not download Wrecking Squad on your mobile. If you failed a level, you can always reload the squad by paying diamonds (premium currency). The game also features energy system where each level consume certain amount of energy. Simple, fun, and additive! Go ahead an download Wrecking Squad and see how far you can go!

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