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Publisher FuturePlay
Platforms Android 4.1 and up
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Latest Version 1.3.0

download Idle Crafting EmpireI’m sure you are getting tired of those Minecraft clones that every time you see the word “craft” on the title, there’s only one gameplay that comes on your mind. Let me introduce you to Idle Crafting Empire! Yes, it definitely another game inspired from Minecraft but this one is entirely unique on its own. Idle Crafting Empire features both elements of Incremental game and Crafting system. The game takes you to a series of fun-filled colorful levels with a main goal to defeat Dr Jelly! If you are into such genre, feel free to download Idle Crafting Empire and see what else it has to offer.

Much like any Idle or Incremental game, Idle Crafting Empire can actually even with less player interaction. Most of the features of the game work automatically. Interestingly, Idle Crafting Empire is a special game on its own as it features the ability to craft items and engage with numerous boss battles. With engaging Minecraft-inspired visuals and surprisingly addictive gameplay, you should definitely download Idle Crafting Empire and experience the fun.

download Idle Crafting EmpireThe Gameplay

One thing that is very common with any idle game is the notably simplicity. This is exactly what you are about to embrace when you download Idle Crafting Empire. The mechanics are very simple and easily manageable. As soon as the game begins, it prompts you right away to the game field. Take note that this game takes you to a level by level adventure. In order to clear a level, you must eliminate all the blocks. Your character is equipped with a huge hammer which enables you to slash through the pile of blocks.

Each level features a stack of blocks that are merely inspired from Minecraft. You might encounter a pile of Dirt Blocks, Planks and even Gold ores. Simply swipe the screen back and forth to eliminate the blocks. Eventually, you’ll get animal companions and that’s where the automatic feature begins. The animals will accompany you in your mission where they attack and destroy blocks even without your interaction.


Block Jewel

download Idle Crafting EmpireUpgrades

The most crucial part in every idle game is the upgrade. If you download Idle Crafting Empire, you’ll have the ability to upgrade all your companions and make them more efficient. Below the game screen are tabs which gives you access to many things. You can upgrade your character and your companions. Basically, the main purpose of the upgrade is to increase your damage rate. The tricky part, however, is the price that exponentially increases.

Aside from the ability to increase their damage, you can also let your companions evolve. In order to do so, you have to feed the animals with certain fruits. You can obtain fruits by destroying blocks and opening gifts. After feeding the animals with certain amount of fruits, they will eventually evolve with better and stronger attributes.

Chest, Gifts and Fortune Pods

One thing players can enjoy if they download Idle Crafting Empire is the generous ways to earn rewards. One of which is the Chest which comes in different rarities;  Key, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The chest allows you to unlock special items. Key Chest requires keys which you can randomly obtain from blocks while the rest requires Gems (premium game currency). Players can obtain gifts in many ways. You earn some by inviting Friends to join the game. This feature requires you to connect the game with your Facebook account. It also allows you to send gifts to your friends and vice versa.

Fortune Pods, on the other hand is another interesting way to earn rewards. In this method, the game will present you four random fortune pods and you just have to pick one in every turn. The rewards may vary and you can possibly earn keys, chest, gems, fruits and more. However, the tricky part is when you picked Dr Jelly. If that is the case, the player will have a choice to give up and lose all the rewards or continue by paying gems which also increases exponentially.

download Idle Crafting EmpireBoss Battles, Crafting System and other features

Unlike typical idle games, Idle Crafting Empire features boss battles which require the player interaction. Bosses which are mostly in Jelly Form should be destroyed within a limited time frame. Unfortunately, your companions cannot do the job alone so you must help them fulfill the mission. Otherwise, you have to repeat the same level until you make it through.

Crafting is one of the core elements of this game. You can craft items by gathering enough resources. These items will improve your character’s basic attributes and also enables him to equip new weapons. Mincraft items like Lava Bucket, Torch, Compass, Eye of Ender, Nether brick are few of the items you can craft. Other notable features include the Resource Drill which allows you to gather more resources. To power up the drill, you must watch rewarded videos.


Appearance wise, Idle Crafting Empire will not disappoint you at all. It features a smooth visuals and adorable animation. It is also accompanied with well-fitting music and sound effects which makes the game a lot more engaging. The gameplay is undeniably addictive and is definitely not just your typical idle game. Overall, Idle Crafting Empire is a simple yet entertaining idle game you can confidently include on your game list.

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