Download Special Forces Group 2 MOD APK for Android


Publisher ForgeGames
Platforms Android 4.0+
Price $0.20 – $6.86
Size 181 MB
Latest Version 3.3

Life of a Solider

Special Forces 2 is an advanced mode of Special Forces group simply support both Android and iOS users. Download Special Forces Group 2 mod apk for Android and explore.

To begin, you enter as a soldier on the war front. The battleground is characteristically up in fire and smoke, and your only duty is to fight against the enemy. Specifically, all players in the game are on one of either team which is terrorists or counter-terrorists. Whoever you choose to be, it is a fight to the finish.


Block Jewel

As a soldier, your best friend is your weapon which is primarily a gun. For this reason, you choose whichever type you’d prefer, and the end game is to shoot to kill. Under the circumstances, skillset is paramount in the game. Accuracy, reflection and the ability to shoot on target. So, you must critically examine the enemy by maximizing your time, exploit their weakness and use it to advantage.

Weapon system

Here is the most interesting part of this game as you have access to choose your desired weapon to fight. The weapon system of Special Forces Group 2 is like no other. There are 9 Pistols, 4 shotguns, 6 submachine guns, 12 rifles, 5 sniper rifles, 3 machine guns, 3 grenades and 3 bulletproof vests. If like me, you love guns, download Special Forces Group 2 mod apk for Android.

Your bulletproof vests and caps are like a lifeline, significantly essential. So long as you have it, you avoid unnecessary death on the battlefield.

Game Modes

This role-playing game has nine modes namely classic, zombie, resurrection, capture the flag, bomb mode, knives mode, deathmatch, arms race, and sniper. Furthermore, the bomb mode usually involves strategic placements of bombs. The terrorist sets a trap. Hence, the counter-terrorist team strives to uncover their ploy and disarm these traps. Also, Sniper is focus and timing. Otherwise, you’re at a disadvantage. Catch your enemy unawares.


In addition, the knife mode is a form of back up mode. If by chance, you run out of ammunition, the knife will get the job done for you faster. Other times, the enemy may attack with a knife, so, it’s always nice to return the favor. Zombie mode is yet for you to own.

Other features

  • My friend and I often play the game online as it supports multiplayer and WiFi router. Single player (with bots).
  • About 30 maps for direction, in the hope that you to keep your eyes on the game.
  • Also, there are 114 pieces of weapon skins available for you to use. This is beyond awesome. You can easily customize your weapons to your favorite skin type.
  • Character creation with simulations and incredible light effects.
  • Iron sight- which helps control and retains a standard zoom.
  • The game features ten languages.

Do you need an action-packed game on your phone? Certainly, Special Forces group 2 is a better choice. Download Special Forces Group 2 mod apk for Android and enjoy. Follow the URL below.

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