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Publisher Easybrain
Platforms Android 4.3+
Price In-app purchases ($4.17 – $80.6)
Size 25.10 MB
Latest Version 3.9.2

Color by number

Judging by outline, the color theme of pixel art – color by number is programmed for pleasure and fun. Your puzzle is drafted to be completed by color. So to move to the next phase, you simply must color right.

Picture bits are segregated into umbrella-like units making access easier and faster. Each cell contains a color, so there are no two wells of the same color. The color cell is such that, you pick per choice. Thus, the color code matches your choice per time thereby providing a creative and vibrant result.

The most exciting aspect of pixel art – color by number is the customization option. So, your result matches your taste. I believe the fundamental purpose of this game is to make an artist out of you. However, you can download Pixel Art: Color by Number Game mod apk to explore your creative side. In addition, the publisher of pixel art: color by number recorded over 10 million downloads globally since its inception.


Block Jewel

Other functions

Several functions exist in the pixel -art color by number game. The zooming function works according to the zoomability of device in use. You can zoom in and zoom out by gently tapping two fingers and squeezing in respectively.

Color cells feature highlight as you scroll through. Holding onto the magnifying glass provides accuracy and easier color choices. The color palette aids color mixture and the discovery of more colors for gamers’ use.

This game is a fundamental basis for improving a kid’s coloring skills. It’s that easy to handle. Furthermore, pixel art – color by number is engaging for all ages.

Your magic wand is ever true to its name. It works wonders, giving rhythm to color wells of the same color and applying color splash unto color areas. You can imagine the excitement when you see this transformation. You can’t afford to wait any longer. Be the first among your friends to download Pixel Art: Color by Number Game mod apk and share your experience.

Even though it’s a game, pixel art- color by number is designed as an application with lots of free art to top up your creations. Above all, It has many artworks to choose from and this includes color by number Mandalas, Flowers, Sweets, art, objects, etc.

Share the fun

If you like to click a selfie every now and then, you’ve got yourself the best game. Hence, you get a pixel camera.

With pixel art – color by number, you add creative effects to your pictures and share on different social media platforms. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as you’d like. It also serves as a means of recording incredible moments and an amazing means of keeping in touch with family and friends. Every day presents a new coloring page each with new pictures.

Simply download Pixel Art: Color by Number Game mod apk and install.

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