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Publisher Goodia Inc.
Platforms Android 3.0+; iOS 6.0+
Price Free
Size 18 MB
Latest Version 1.0.1

Sometimes, there is nothing more romantic than walking outside with your significant other by your side. What probably isn’t as romantic is a crazy person running into you guys and interrupting the peace and quiet. This game is known as リア充撲滅RUN. Of course, it is loosely translated to us as Couple Destroying Run. But you know, what you do in this game isn’t too far off of what the title may suggest. You are literally running down the street for the sole purpose of ruining everyone’s day. I guess the protagonist could have used a girlfriend or something…

Whether or not you have a shoulder to cry on doesn’t matter when it comes to enjoying what the game has to offer, at least. However, there isn’t really that much to Couple Destroying Run to begin with. All you do is run down the road and rack up points from there. There’s really nothing else to it, if I have to be honest. There isn’t even a lot of variation for what you do in the game. You just run into people and keep the same cycle going until you lose. That is all there is to the experience.

So is there anything special about the game? Well, I do suppose the cartoon art style gives it a fair amount of charm. It’s just a shame that’s all there is to highlight of the game. The rest is just an endless blur of road and simplicity. Now, simple games are fine. In fact, the best games on the mobile market are simple titles that utilize the best of the genre. However, Couple Destroying Run doesn’t do this. It’s an endless runner in the barest fashion. There’s a lot more it could have done, but it seems fine with just doing the bare minimum.


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Considering what else the mobile market has to offer, though, the developers easily could have done much more to the concept than what they did. There could have been multiple environments, couples that behave different from one another, and even an incentive to keep playing. Does Couple Destroying Run have any of that as it is? Well, no. No it does not. It’s a game in the lowest degree that qualifies it as such. There are better ways to kill time on the phone. It just makes one wonder why they bothered to put this out there if they won’t go the extra mile of making it a fun game.

With all things considered, I can’t really recommend Couple Destroying Run. There isn’t anything that convinces me, let alone anyone reading this, to come back and keep at it. It just seems like a space waster. You are better off playing the runners that try to imitate Temple Run. Or, you know, you could just play Temple Run. It only makes sense that you play a runner that actually is passionately crafted for a player’s amusement.

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