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Police Highway Chase

Publisher Step Up Games Studios
Platforms Android 3.0+
Price Free
Size 179 MB
Latest Version 1.1.3

Police Highway Chase in City – Crime Racing combines two of the most exciting elements of gaming: Fighting crime and street racing. In the game, you drive a police car and drive through the city streets and highways at top speed. And as a police officer, you are armed to the teeth with machine guns at the hood of the car and a chance to pick up an RPG to bring criminals to justice in the most explosive way. This game provides a high octane shooter racer game for mobile gaming.

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Police Highway Chase Gameplay

Police Highway Chase in City – Crime Racing has fairly simple gameplay. You navigate your way through lanes catching bad guys. You also pick up coins. These can be used later to upgrade the Police vehicle. While driving, you can also pick up weapons such as a rocket launcher to fire at your enemies. Aside from getting your coins and weapons, you must also avoid bombs left behind on the road that would effectively end your run and explode your squad car. It’s a fairly simple game with straightforward objectives.


Block Jewel

On the left panel, you can shoot the “machine gun” that you fire from your car. Your ammo is unlimited and the bullets actually look like twin rockets fired from the hood. It takes a couple of shots to bring down burglars and thieves. On your right panel, you can step on the gas and go turbo. Apparently, cop cars are supped-up with nitrogen oxide in this game. You can see flame burst out of your exhaust pipes with the burst of speed. Also located in left panel are the sirens which you can toggle on and off throughout your “chase”.

Throwback Graphics

The game is a throwback to old arcade racers where you have simple controls and lot of action. There are currently two views, a third person view just above your squad car, and a first person view from inside the car with a partial view of the dashboard. The graphics remind me of old school police chase games with a looping street course where you avoid obstacles and chase down the bad guys. It definitely has an old school feel to it from the starting screen to the actual gameplay.

Police Highway Chase Features

You start off with a generic squad car but you can eventually upgrade your ride to other vehicles offered in the game. Aside from the standard squad car sedan, there is a Police Jeep and an SUV. Eventually you upgrade to a sports car. You get access to each of these vehicles as you progress through the game and gain more coins form the levels that you move through. You can view each of these vehicles in the main menu gallery.


Police Highway Chase – Crime Racing is a simply designed game that lets you speed through streets of Dubai (according to the game) fighting crime. As the law on the streets you get to blow up fleeing thieves and criminals to kingdom come. You are armed with unlimited ammo from your machine gun and rocket launchers that you pick up on the street. It sounds silly and a little simplified, but it’s fun because it is undoubtedly a rip-rolling good time.  

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